Unleashed Network

Unleashed is a network of churches, pastors, leaders, innovators, artists, and social entrepreneurs who are joining a collective missional conversation to shape culture, advance the Gospel, and rethink church.

The network is about “communicating” the best ideas, “sharing” common resources, “collaborating” on community impact projects, “championing” innovation, and “enriching” those who dare to shape the future.

How Unleashed was Born

Unleashed was born out of the growing success of a compassion movement called Beautiful Day.

In 2007, Beautiful Day hosted its first conference where ideas and concepts were shared, and the vision of widespread compassion was cast. Shortly after that conference, we realized that churches needed more than just creative compassion ideas. What we found was that concepts like outreach, discipleship, leadership, philosophy of ministry, contextualizing faith, and following Jesus, needed to be revisited in a fluid, emerging culture.

In 2008, we changed the name of our conference to Compassion Unleashed. While we still majored on the ideals of compassion and justice, we addressed issues of churches “becoming more missional,” and touched on concepts that churches needed us to address, to help them become more effective within contemporary culture.

In 2009, we decentralized our efforts in building relationships with pastors and leaders by hosting a number of “round table” discussions and forums throughout 2009 to encourage the dialogue on topics that mattered most.

And finally, in 2010, we launched the Unleashed Network, which would embody the missional conversation to culture-shaping, advancing the Gospel, and rethinking church.